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RJS Pest Management has experience servicing almost every industry, so we understand that each facility has its own special needs, challenges and pressures.

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Food Processing Pest Control in NYC

No matter how clean or well-run a food processing facility may be, pest problems are omnipresent, especially for plants located in urban areas like NYC and its surroundings.

For optimum food processing pest control, integrated pest management is the key to success. This practice involves using the least-toxic pest control methods so your facility can meet or exceed all health, safety, and compliance guidelines set by federal and local health codes.

Trust NYC’s Family-Owned Pest Control Company

RJS Pest Management is a family-owned and operated pest control company and NYC has been our home since the start. As a result, we’re dedicated to helping companies in the Big Apple maintain pest-free environments. As an expert provider of food processing pest control services in the New York area, we utilize effective pest control practices that have minimal effect on your employees, your facility, and the environment. Our customized pest management solutions adhere to the highest level of quality control standards. We help food processing facilities achieve standards set by third party auditors such as SQF, Silliker, GFSI, NSF, IFS, AIB, USDA, the FDA, and many others.

RJS Pest is a valuable partner, and one that will help you develop a proactive and responsive approach to pest control. Our services give you peace of mind that you are not only meeting mandated food processing regulations and standards, but also providing a more sanitary workplace for your employees and high-quality products for your customers and clients.

If you own or operate a food processing facility in NYC or northern New Jersey, then contact us today for a free consultation.

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