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RJS Pest Management has experience servicing almost every industry, so we understand that each facility has its own special needs, challenges and pressures.

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Local Pest Control for Parks & Recreational Areas in NYC

The local pest control experts at RJS Pest Management are experienced in dealing with any and all pests that are commonly known to populate NYC’s parks, recreational areas, and green spaces.

As such, we have developed a close working relationship with the NYC Parks department and continually stay abreast of the changing wildlife dynamics in each New York City park and its surrounding area, as well as any new regulations that are presented.

Low-Toxicity Pest Control Services That Work

Because NYC’s parks are so popular among its residents and visitors, it is crucial for the pest control services used in these areas to be as safe as possible to people, pets, and the environment. RJS is a GreenPro Certified pest control company which provides integrated pest management services. We use highly effective, low-toxicity products to target pest problem areas. Our products are not only safe and low-toxic, but they are highly effective at removing the pests and preventing their return for the long term.

Our local pest control program begins with a thorough inspection of the area to identify potential pest problems, as well as any conditions that might be conducive to pests. After the inspection, an RJS Pest Management specialist will collaborate with you to create a proactive pest control strategy that is customized to protect the safety and sanitation of your park.

If you need local pest control services for your park or recreational area in NYC, contact us today for a free consultation.

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