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RJS Pest Management has experience servicing almost every industry, so we understand that each facility has its own special needs, challenges and pressures.

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Property Management Pest Control in NYC & NJ

Commercial property managers have a responsibility to ensure their properties are safe for their tenants. And, an effective property management pest control service plays a large role in satisfying that responsibility.

At RJS Pest Management, we understand the unique challenges facing office properties. We have several years’ worth of experience in helping property managers meet their safety protocols.

Discreet Pest Control in NYC

Pests can affect every aspect of your business. Infestations can turn any workplace into an unsafe environment and this will have a direct impact on not only your corporate risk, but your hard-earned reputation as well. Don’t risk it – contact RJS Pest for highly effective property management pest control in NYC.

Unlike most exterminators, we practice an integrated pest management approach that combines proactive prevention and early detection with effective, low-toxicity pest intervention. If pest problems occur, we offer quick, effective, and discreet solutions that minimize both negative environmental exposures and impact on productivity. With our solutions, we’re able to help commercial property managers feel confident that the office spaces, restrooms, public areas, and surroundings of their commercial facilities are safe and completely free of pests.

Residential Pest Control for Property Management Companies

Keeping tenants safe and comfortable means providing a healthy and safe environment that is free of pests. In urban areas like NYC, pest control can be a challenge, especially with the recent bed bug epidemic and resulting landlord bed bug regulations. Residential property managers in the New York and North Jersey area need to partner with expert commercial pest control providers who understand the pest pressures and challenges associated with high tenant residential properties.
At RJS Pest Management, we believe that maintaining a pest-free environment means having an integrated approach to pest management that combines proactive prevention and swift intervention if pest problems arise. By providing proactive prevention and prompt remediation of pest problems, we give property managers and tenants the peace of mind that comes from living in a pest-free multi-family housing complex.

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