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Keep Your Business House Fly Free

Flies can pose a giant threat to businesses, especially those in the food industries. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that house flies are able to transmit at least 65 diseases. Some diseases houseflies can carry and transmit are conjunctivitis, dysentery, tuberculosis, and typhoid fever. It has been discovered that these diseases can be transmitted … Continue Reading >

5 Pest Control Myths Debunked

We have learned that some people have the wrong idea about pest control! People try DIY pest control for their businesses, but ultimately only a professional pest control service can help prevent critters from entering your commercial space. RJS Pest Management wants to make sure no one is tricked into making bad pest control decisions! … Continue Reading >

How to Get Rid of and Prevent Cockroaches

Few pests cause feelings of spine-chilling terror more than the dreaded cockroach. These critters are highly destructive, they carry a wide variety of diseases, and probably worst of all, they’re very hard to kill. If you’re suffering from a cockroach infestation, you probably have already heard all of the horror stories about how impossible it … Continue Reading >

How to Get Rid of and Prevent Water Bugs

What ARE Water Bugs? Contrary to popular belief, “water bug” is not another name for a cockroach. Water bugs can usually be mistaken for American roaches and Oriental roaches because of their appearance. Water bugs, however, are not the same kind of pest. Water bugs, as their name suggests, live in water and around water. … Continue Reading >

Keep Rodents Out!

Rodents are pesky little creatures that love to hide in the many small spaces cities have to offer. In fact, in 2014 it was found that the rat population in New York City is 20% of the number of humans living there. In other words, there are 2 billion rats roaming around the city. Now … Continue Reading >

Landlord or Tenant – Who is Responsible for Pest Control?

If you’re in a rental situation and you recently discovered that you have a pest or insect infestation, you are no doubt wondering who is responsible for pest control. Is it the tenant, the landlord, or the property management company? While this may seem like a tough question, the answer is usually found within your … Continue Reading >

How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?

Few things can be as worrisome as your home or business being infested by insects, rodents, or other pests. And, even once the problem is eradicated you more than likely are left feeling a sense of relief but also wondering how long the pest control measures will keep the pests from returning. This is why … Continue Reading >

How to Get Rid of Flies

How To Get Rid of Flies What can go from 1 to 64,000,000 in 40 days? If you guessed an unmanaged small fly population than you would be correct.Last summer, we started services for a large luxury hotel in NYC that had an ongoing issue with flies in numerous kitchen and bar areas.​A focused program … Continue Reading >

What is a Pest Control Technician?

Pest control technicians are highly trained professionals who resolve pest infestations and other pest-related issues concerning their clients. Job sites vary greatly and often include restaurants, residential homes, warehouses, businesses, hotels, farms, and sewers, just to name a few. Pest control technicians utilize a variety of different means to help mitigate pest problems, including traps, … Continue Reading >

Fruit or Filth: Small Flies in New York City

Fruit or Filth: Small Flies in New York City ​In New York City, we are exposed to multiple types of pests, both flying and crawling. Two of the most prevalent flies are the filth fly and the fruit fly.Phorid (“Filth”) FlyThis fly is also known as the humpbacked fly as it breeds in and feeds … Continue Reading >