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Bed Bug Exterminator in NYC

Over the last few years, bed bugs have become one of the most problematic pests for the hospitality industry. These tiny bugs reproduce so quickly that they can’t be managed using traditional bed bug treatments in NYC.

Add to this the fact that they can live for long periods of time without feeding and you have a pest that can be very tough to eradicate. For businesses in NYC, they’re a threat that can have a major impact on bottom lines.

When it comes to managing bed bugs, early detection and prompt extermination are critical for protecting your facility, your business reputation, and your finances. As a leading bed bug exterminator in NYC, RJS has developed a sophisticated, multi-prong approach to helping our commercial customers in the metropolitan area.

Bed Bug Treatments & Prevention

At RJS, our primary objective in bed bug control is prevention and early detection. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed method of bed bug prevention because people may unknowingly carry these pests into your facility at any time, especially in high-traffic urban hubs like NYC and the surrounding area. And, once they’re inside, bed bugs spread quickly. That’s why early detection is so important. RJS offers ongoing bed bug inspections of key areas in your facility to look for the first signs of bed bugs. Finding and treating infestations early can help you avoid more expensive bed bug extermination and remediation costs later on.

K9 Scent Bed Bug Detection

Successful bed bug treatment starts with detection methods that are proven to work. One of the most common problems in detecting these nuisances is that bed bugs hide within very small places, making them hard to see with a standard visual inspection. In order to overcome this challenge, RJS employs a team of specially-trained K9s (and their handlers) who are able to discover bed bugs quickly by their scent. These special dogs identify the necessary areas for treatment and then our qualified bed bugs exterminators in NYC handle the rest.

The RJS team of expert handlers and K9s are exceptional in inspection and detection. After a thorough training with our experienced handlers and trainers, our canines are able to consistently detect bed bugs in all stages of development, from nymphs to adults. To learn more, just give us a call today at 212-896-1299. Our canine handler, a seasoned bed bugs exterminator in NYC, is more than ready to answer any questions you might have about bed bug biology, behavior, and treatments.

Bed Bug Extermination and Remediation

With over 30 years’ experience, each member of the RJS team has extensive knowledge of bed bug extermination in NYC. If bed bugs are discovered in your commercial facility, RJS can perform a thorough inspection to determine the location and severity of the infestation. We’ll consult with you to create a targeted bed bug extermination plan tailored to your facility’s specific needs. Then, we’ll utilize an integrated pest management approach to bed bug extermination that effectively eliminates bed bugs while at the same time reducing the impact on your facility, your employees, and your business operations.

Contact us to learn more about the proven approach of our bed bug exterminator in NYC, bed bug elimination, and our pro-active ongoing support.

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