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Cockroach Control in NYC

Cockroaches are notorious for being indestructible. They reproduce at record speed and as such, they can overtake a business facility practically overnight. And, because these insects are so hard to kill, most facilities are simply incapable of providing effective cockroach control.

If your business is in the NYC metropolitan area and you’ve noticed cockroaches in or around your facility, contact RJS Pest Management’s cockroach exterminator in NYC immediately. We have the pest control solutions you need to eliminate the infestation and protect your business from future invasions.

Don’t Believe the Hype – Cockroaches Can Be Eliminated

Cockroaches pose several threats to your business. They are known carriers of disease-causing bacteria; they contaminate everything they touch; and they even bite. In addition, because cockroaches eat just about anything, including glue, plastics, and other seemingly inedible materials, they can also be causing costly damage behind the scenes.

When you hire RJS Pest as your cockroach exterminator, we perform a four-stage treatment process, which includes:

  • Inspection of your facility and identification of the cockroach infestation
  • Diagnosis of the factors that are causing and contributing to the cockroach problem
  • Consultation with you to determine the most effective approach to a roach-free environment
  • Treating the existing infestation and preventing future cockroach infestations using the right combination of insect management methods for your business and your facility


RJS Pest’s commercial cockroach control typically involves the following methods:

  • Elimination of the existing cockroach colony, including ultraviolet insect light traps (ILTs), bioremediation, drain cleaning, and more
  • Prevention against future infestations, including proper sanitation and exclusion practices such as screening/sealing potential insect entry points


Just one cockroach seen scurrying across your floor can lead to a substantial loss of business, not to mention a hit to your reputation and brand image. It’s a risk you don’t want to take, especially when cockroaches are so common in the NYC metropolitan area.

Contact RJS Pest Management today for the impactful solutions you need to protect your facility against these and other disease-carrying insects. We are the trusted cockroach exterminator in New York City – call us today at 212-896-1299 for a free consultation.

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