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SMART Pest Control

Intelligent and effective control of rodents in sensitive areas.

Our modern society has created an ideal environment for rodents in which they can thrive and multiply quickly. They are growing increasingly resistant to common prevention methods and regulations for the use of rodenticides are becoming more stringent. In order to deal with rodent problems, there is an urgent need for intelligent and environmentally friendly methods. The SMART box is the solution.

THE SMART BOX is an environmentally friendly, multi-catch trap for indoor as well as outdoor usage. The trap is placed in areas where rodents are active, and is effective against both rats and mice. It is available in several models and can be powered by battery, electricity or solar panels. As rodents are naturally curious, they quite happily explore new environments. The SMART box takes advantage of their innate urge to seek safety and protection.

A complete solution for your pest control.
AT RJS PEST WE HAVE EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE of the rodents behavior and biology. By using efficient and environmentally friendly methods we can reduce problems with rodents with the least risk to humans and the environment. In addition to the SMART box we can also offer other digital traps and sensors as well as more traditional pest control methods.

The advantages of the SMART Box:

  • Peace of mind thanks to effective protection and monitoring 24/7.
  • Regular inspections of the whole of the premises.
  • Professional callout service on hand to take prompt action when needed.
  • Documented logs, giving early indications of where and when problems occur enabling targeted actions.
  • Environmentally friendly and free from pesticides.
  • Cost-effective as a result of reduced risks.
  • Time-saving due to automated checks.


Permanent monitoring of rodents.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


In this scenario the trap is placed along the side
of a building where rodents feel secure.

This is how the SMART box works.
BASED ON A THOROUGH ASSESSMENT of your business, we identify strategic positions to install the SMART box.  The box is typically placed along the sides of buildings and other places where rodents feel secure.

WHEN A RODENT ENTERS THE TRAP, the sensors detect the rodents movement or body heat.  A catch function is activated, immediately killing the rodent with an electrical current.  The rodent is deposited into a plastic bag in a closed container.  The trap is then automatically reset and ready for action again.  No poison or bait is used.

SENSORS INSIDE THE TRAP continuously report information to us regarding activity and catches.  Whenever there is an alarm or deviation, we will also receive immediate indication of this, enabling us to act quickly and to prevent the problem from becoming too costly or too overwhelming.

BASED ON THE TRAP STATISTICS we monitor the success rate of the program, provide suggestions for further action and, if needed, make the alterations to the program.

  1. 1

    A rodent enters the trap and the trap is activated.

  2. 2

    The elevator lifts the rodent up where it receives an electric charge.

  3. 3

    The elevator deposits the rodent into a bin.

  4. 4

    The elevator returns to it’s start position, ready for another catch.